Where do I start?

Crazy times we are in, crazy times
09 March 2022

Where do I start?

By far this is the most common question asked.

“I haven’t filed taxes in years. Where do I start?” 

The answer is to stop being a non-filer. How do you do that? Start with filing your tax return for 2021.

Right now, we are in the middle of “tax season.”  There exists no shortage of ways to file your tax return. There are do-it-yourself options (paper, software, online), behind a curtain in a big box store, a seasonally operating retail preparer, traditional in-person account & tax firms, even online options using a remote preparer.

How you get it done is not the main point. Just get it done.

As a bonus—-think Stimulus money. If you haven’t received any Stimulus money, there is probably $1,400 with your name on it just waiting to be claimed by filing your 2021 tax return. (Plus more using the 2020 tax return.) 

What’s that you say? You owe back taxes?  Guess what? If you are due a refund for 2021, the IRS won’t apply the $1,400 to your old tax debt. They will simply send you the money.

Crazy times we are in, crazy times.

Jeff Roltgen, Tax Rescue CPA

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