The IRS is buried!

No more notices...for now.
24 August 2020

The IRS is buried!

On August 21st the IRS put out a press release, “IRS temporarily stops mailing notices to taxpayers with balances due”

Here is what it says:

  • The IRS has stopped mailing certain notices.  The reason? The notices are causing mass confusion because of unopened mail (to the IRS) that relates to the notice.
  • To stop this confusion, and resulting barrage of phone calls, the IRS will wait to send notices until “the backlog of mail is reduced”
  • When the IRS does finally open your mail and processes your payment, it will be “posted and credited on the date the IRS received”. This is good news.
  • The IRS reminds taxpayers-Do not place a Stop Payment on your checks, we want your money.  But if you do, the IRS will not assess a bad check penalty.
  • The final item in the press release…Do not call us about your unprocessed payment.  We will get to it.  Lovely.

Oh, what a train wreck has occurred at the IRS.

If you need help sorting out your IRS situation let me know. As a recognized tax professional practicing before the IRS, I have special avenues that make accessing taxpayer information easier.

Jeff Roltgen, Tax Rescue CPA

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