Taxpayers BEWARE!

Scam Alert
23 July 2020

Taxpayers BEWARE!

As the IRS slowly begins to awaken after their Corona Virus induced slumber, they are beginning to ramp up tax lien filings on unsuspecting taxpayers. These IRS tax liens are public information.

This is bad enough.  But I need to warn you about resulting scams.

There are shady companies out there that will take the IRS tax lien information and turn it into this:

This is an actual document received by my client.

Does it look like an Official Document from the government? It’s not, but it scared my client.

This is an attempt, by an unscrupulous Tax Resolution Company, to scare the Taxpayer into calling their sales department! Very misleading.

Do not be fooled!

Jeff Roltgen, Tax Rescue CPA

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